Quinn Blandford, drums
Matt DeSteno, guitar/vocals
Dan Tamberelli, bass/vocals



Unlike other child stars, Danny Tamberelli didn’t wind up with an “E! True Hollywood Story” chronicling self-destructive fits and other mishaps and meltdowns. Tamberelli was 11 when he starred in the quirky Nickelodeon show “The Adventures of Pete & Pete.” On the set, the young actor/musician had his amp blown up by Iggy Pop, got served ice-cream from Michael Stipe and traded CD’s with Steve Buscemi.

“I’m passionate about acting, but this is what I was doing in the dressing room even then,” says Tamberelli of his love for playing music. “It’s cool to do both, but music has always been my primary outlet.”

Jounce is not your normal touring ensemble. Consisting of Dan Tamberelli on bass, Matt DeSteno on guitar, and Quinn Blandford on drums, the band is a mainstay at bars, clubs, music halls, colleges and festivals up and down the eastern United States, consistently consistently building buzz and refining their presence in both the live and studio settings.

When the members of Jounce graduated from college in spring of 2004, the band relocated to a somewhat secluded property bordered by the Holyoke State Forest in Amherst, MA. They traveled extensively, playing hundreds of shows and sharing bills with influences including the Benevento Russo Duo, The Flaming Lips, Medeski, Martin and Wood and The Slip.

After several years, the band returned home and moved back to the New York area, where they eventually landed in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Jounce’s self-titled debut album was released on June 29th, 2006 to rave reviews. The opening song “You Tell Me” garnered 3rd place in Relix magazine’s Winter 2006 JamOff Competition out of over 500 submissions and the band began playing increasingly larger rooms including New York’s Highline Ballroom and Gramercy Theater.

The band’s sophomore effort, “These Things,” was released March 31st, 2009 on GreenFence Records. The album was produced by Jounce and Rob Stevens (Magnetic Fields), and mixed and mastered by renowned producer Rob Fraboni (The Band, Rolling Stones, Bob Marley). The album contains nine tracks of previously un-released Jounce originals as well as a rendition of Guide By Voices’ “The Hardway.” Songs like “Too Far Gone” and “Who Hates “The Office” show the band’s ability to deliver tight rock anthems. “Cold Fog” shows they can ease into a tune and still bring you away. “Truth Defines” and “The World at Large” mix catchy choruses with instrumental prowess.

Jounce welcomed guest musicians Marco Benevento (The Duo), who played keyboards on “Yenny” and “These Things” and Tom Hamilton (Brothers Past, American Babies) who added guitar and vocals on “The World At Large,” “Cold Fog” and “These Things.” Upon releasing “These Things,” Relix magazine named Jounce one of their artists “on the verge.”

The band recorded a version of Miracle Legion’s “The Heart is Attached” as part of a compilation album released in September 2009 titled, “Ciao My Shining Star:The Songs of Mark Mulcahy” and dedicated to Miracle Legion front man Mark Mulcahy. The compilation also featured Radioheads’s Thom Yorke, The National, Frank Black of the Pixies and Elvis Perkins, among others. The project was covered by media from Stereogum to Pitchfork. Jounce’s track for the compilation also appeared on their digital EP “Meet Me in The Middle”

In the summer of 2013 the band released a digital single “Never Gonna Wait” and b-side “Frost” in anticipation of their next full length coming 2013/14

Recent press

“think Mother Love Bone, Pavement and Matthew Sweet…” -State of Mind magazine

“On December 11, Danny Tamberelli and Mike Maronna, stars of the beloved Nickelodeon show “The Adventures of Pete & Pete”, will reunite at the New Haven, Connecticut club Toad’s Place. The occasion: A benefit show for former Miracle Legion frontman and tribute album beneficiary Mark Mulcahy, whose wife recently died. (Mulcahy’s band Polaris was responsible for the “Pete and Pete” theme song.) Maronna will play with Jounce, Tamberelli’s band, and the bill also features Elvis Perkins, Chris Harford, and Fountains of Wayne’s Chris Collingwood.” -Pitchfork

“The prime time moment was when Jounce did “Snacks and Candy.” The song had been promoted in the press as Jounce features Danny Tamberelli—”Little Pete” on The Adventures of Pete & Pete, the classic Nickelodeon TV show for which [Mark] Mulcahy provided the soundtack—and had invited along the show’s “Big Pete,” Mike Maronna to join in on guitar. The Petes turned out to be the big celebrities in the room, and their three-song set (which also included Mulcahy’s “The Heart is Attached” and a Jounce original, “Who Hates the Office”) showcased Tamberelli’s impressive singing voice and the fun he has rockin’ his bass.” -New Haven Advocate

Interview: Dan Tamberelli Of Jounce” -BuzzGrinder.com

“…the band successfully reinvented itself some years back into a psychedelic, indie rock sort of unit prone to improvisation and a touch of electronica — a jammier Kings of Leon without the southern rock, maybe, or maybe a tie-dyed, pie-eyed Pavement. Whatever it is, it’s made them interesting…” -Glide Magazine

Jounce is “On the Verge” – Relix magazine

MOG’s Top 10 Teen-to-Tween actors Turned Musicians – #5 Danny Tamberelli, Jounce – MOG.com

“Jounce is an NYC-based band of psychedelic rock not unlike the Kings of Leon. With a haunting lead guitar and the unique vocal styling from all the members, Jounce blends funk, rock and go-go into a groovy blend” -The Deli Magazine

“As he has on occasion between tours, Marco Benevento played a free show at Brooklyn’s Bar 4 last night…Benevento invited some guests onstage throughout the night, including Jounce bassist Danny Tamberelli, who sat in on Thelonious Monk’s Blue Monk…” -jambands.com

“Jounce shows are a full-body experience, felt as easily as they are heard.” -The Record (NJ)

Congratulations to our Sonicbids Finalists!,” Langerado.com

“Jounce played a montage of impressive guitar-heavy songs that left the crowd speechless…” -The Signal, (The College of New Jersey student newspaper)

Fans Jump For Jounce,” The Marcolian, Marietta College

“These Things” review in State of Mind magazine. Click here to read the full review.


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