Punk Infused Anthemic Rock Music  - JOUNCE is an East to West Coast band centered in Brooklyn, NY. An ever evolving post punk and 90′s rock hybrid. A product of a well defined generation only re-imagined. Nearly impossible to describe but easily digested. Danny and Matt have been friends since childhood, even through Dan’s bi-coastal lifestyle while he was Nickelodeon’s “Little Pete.” We like to think Pete Wrigley would dig the Jounce. 

Holiday music that doesn't suck 

Its that time of the year again! Join us for 2 hometown celebrations this year.... if you dare!! 
12/4 @Piano's in NYC with our homeboys Men and Whales
12/23 @Mexicali Live in NJ for our 15th ANNUAL HOLIDAY SHOW - joined by our brethren The Jersey Royale and the Mike Wein/Brady Oh! power duo

Jounce Is...

Danny Tamberelli-Bass/Vocals
Tim Kuhl-drums
Matt DeSteno-guitar/vocals

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